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The inspiration of the “Grieving Heart” keepsake charm line was derived at a family gathering at my sister’s memorial high in the Rocky Mountains, thus the name Mountain Expressions.

A family member brought to our attention something she had known about for years and thought by sharing the meaning behind “a heart with a hole in it” which expresses the emptiness that can never be filled could help others.

Most of us have lost a loved one or a pet, so we feel by wearing our “Grieving Heart” your loss will always be with you and will never be forgotten. We hope this may help in your healing process. We too understand the whole in your hearts because we care.

My husband and I then decided to develop a business plan and bring this line of keepsake charms to the market. We decided to develop various styles of hearts, each one having a hole in it and including a hanging mini charm.

We have a selection of 30 charms to choose from, half of which are for our Human Keepsake Line and the other half are for our Animal Keepsake Line. The Grieving Heart Keepsake charms can be attached to a necklace, keychain, zipper pull or used for baggage identification, etc.

The entire keepsake charm line is handcrafted here at our home in the mountains outside Guffey, Colorado. Thank you for visiting our website.


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